RUBY RESIGNS – Textual Criticism

(Text in Red = Let There Be Light additions.)

From John Gredy, Provost and acting President, Cedarville University:

“Having invested more than 25 years as part of the Cedarville University staff and administration, Dr. Carl Ruby today announced his decision to conclude his service in the role of vice president for student life, effective June 30, 2013. His last day in his office, however, will be on Tuesday, January 15. He will be pursuing new career opportunities outside the University, after he finds his next job using Career Services.

“As difficult as *this* (neglects to specify: autonomous decision to resign? or being forced out by your beloved University after 25 years?) has been, I believe that God orders the timing of these kinds of *changes* (again, left ambiguous),” Dr. Ruby said. “I have more than 30 years of great memories either studying or working at Cedarville University. My prayer is that God will continue to bless Cedarville, filling it with people who are like Jesus.” According to almost everyone from students to faculty and staff, Carl Ruby was one of the people at Cedarville most like Jesus. 

As part of this transition, Dr. Ruby will hand-off his responsibilities later this month in just five days.

Known for his passion for you as students and his innovative, caring leadership of the student life area, Dr. Ruby’s influence on the Cedarville culture has been profound. He has been instrumental in the University’s progress toward building a multicultural community that reflects the diversity of the body of Christ. (Then why get rid of such a man? Do we have someone better than Carl Ruby in mind? Who is more “pro-Cedarville” than this man?)

Dr. Ruby supported the student body’s remarkable response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster back in 2005. His legacy is marked by the many opportunities he has provided for you as students to grow in your service and sacrificial giving. (Who better to continue that legacy than the man himself?)

Above all, Dr. Ruby is a passionate advocate for students and has modeled a redemptive approach to discipline that reflects a careful balance of justice and grace. (This guy sure sounds a lot like Jesus. Yet again, who better to continue these things than the man himself? Has Carl Ruby’s passionate advocacy for students placed him in bad graces with certain Cedarville Admins and/or Trustees?)

As the leader of Cedarville’s Critical Concern Series, Dr. Ruby has brought nationally known speakers to campus to address cultural topics, including immigration and the economy. His heart for these issues also opened the door for him to speak at the Midwest Summit on Immigration held in Indianapolis last year. The Summit brought evangelical leaders from across the nation together for the purpose of uniting for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. (Sounds amazing. Why not let him continue to organize these things for Cedarville? Do any Cedarville Admins and/or Trustees have a problem with Dr. Ruby’s encouragement of discussion on immigration and the economy?)

Just last year, Dr. Ruby guided the Student Life division in the transformation of the student handbook. The core of Cedarville’s approach now greets you every time you enter the SSC or walk around campus: love for God, love for others, integrity in conduct, and excellence in effort. (Yet again, this guy sure sounds like an incredible man? Why do the unfortunate circumstances and timing of this “change” make it seem like we’re forcing Ruby out? Do any Cedarville Admins and/or Trustees have a problem with this transformation of the student handbook?)

The University is committed to continuing Dr. Ruby’s priorities without him and assuring that you as students have a life-transforming experience.

Dr. Ruby is highly respected among the Cedarville University community, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, and higher education in general. (Is he highly respected among all Cedarville Admins and/or Trustees?) His departure from Cedarville is a loss for our community. As he leaves, please join me in expressing your appreciation to him and praying for God’s future blessing and provision for him and his family, seeing as he does not have a job lined-up for when his Cedarville paychecks cease. Nevertheless, students themselves, and not the institution, will need to take the initiative in all shows of support for Carl Ruby before he leaves his office five days from now.


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