Claim: There is a lack of transparency at Cedarville University which needs to be addressed.



  • A Christ-centered university should be a place of consistency and justice, following the example of Christ, the Transparent One, the Light of the World, the perfect revealer of God to the world.


  • The release of as much information as is legally possible regarding the events leading up to the dismissal of Dr. Pahl.
  • The delineation of a specific policy to be followed in all future faculty dismissals.
  • A thorough and satisfactory explanation of the rejection of the Theology Major.
  • A thorough and satisfactory explanation of the cancellation of the Philosophy Major.
  • Town Hall meetings in which the administration will
    • 1.) explain the apparent incongruity between Cedarville’s vision and recent actions
    • 2.) allow concerned students to openly ask questions regarding (but not limited to):
      • Cedarville’s identity/vision,
      • the White Papers
      • Dr. Pahl’s dismissal
      • rejection of the Theology Major
      • cancellation of the Philosophy Major
      • Dr. Brown’s resignation
      • Dr. Ruby’s resignation

8 responses to “Concerns

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  2. In addition, would like to go back as far as the Bible dept random firings from 03-05 including Dr Hoffeditz, Dr Blumenstock, Dr Thigpen amongst others.

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