How Can I Transfer?

The College Transfer Process (Princeton Review)

Transfer Students: 8 Things You Need to Know (US News) – Get the Credit You Deserve (

Asbury University

Biola University

Calvin College

Franklin University

Georgetown College

Gordon College

Houghton College

Malone University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Wheaton College

3 responses to “How Can I Transfer?

  1. Liberty has some sweet programs as well as masters programs. Easy graduate acceptance if you’re already alumni from Liberty.

  2. Question: Is there any place to realistically transfer without a financial burden with only 12 credits til graduation?

  3. @Trevor: Almost all universities require transfer students to take a minimum of 30 credits at their university in order to graduate with a degree. Some require more. Liberty, Calvin, Wheaton, and Messiah are all examples of this. You might want to try calling the admissions office here:

    They (Eastern) don’t specifically list all of their transfer policies on their website, so you could get lucky, particularly if you explain your situation. I wish you the best of luck! I certainly feel for you in your situation.


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