#CUPurge Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blanks that Cedarville created with the word bank below

What happened? What happened to the place I loved? Where did it go wrong? And when will these ap____ing actions end? How many more ______ will be dug? How many more careers will be crushed as part of the grist for the administration’s _____?

And in the midst of all this chaos, we’re told in those ______ prose-packed press releases that nothing is ____ing behind the scenes. “Don’t connect the dots” they say as they wash their hands of it all with _______ & _______.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like _____ nosing today. I will connect the dots. I will ask what direction this ship’s ____er is taking us.

What are we students to do? How do we respond to an administration that is as open to reason as the one character from Green Eggs and ___?

All I know is that if this continues, then I can’t wait for the day when my alma mater mails me asking for a donation. I will swiftly crumple it up and _____ it in the trash.

I remember a time when I called Cedarville a second home. Now, if I were to click my ____ slippers together three times, I certainly wouldn’t find myself at Cedarville. Now, walking around Cedarville feels more like ____ing around a foreign territory.

Is there hope for Cedarville? Yes, of course. Let us pray that Cedarville will one day be a place that welcomes diversity. Let us pray that the divisiveness will end. Let us pray that Cedarville will hire some black_____s to beat its swords back into plowshares.

Word Bank

  • Brown
  • Chuck
  • Cook
  • Graves
  • Ham
  • Johnson (used twice-right in a row)
  • Mills
  • Pahl
  • Purple
  • Rohm
  • Ruby
  • Rudd
  • Smith



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