FCP Report to the Faculty: Initial Meeting with Dr. Thomas White

(Source: Anonymous Leak. Added emphasis in red text below.

Faculty Committee to the President (FCP)

Report to the Faculty:  Initial Meeting with Dr. Thomas White

July 1, 2013 at 2pm

President:  Committee’s First Impressions

Goal:  Dr. White would like Cedarville University to make “as big an impact for the kingdom of God as possible.

1. How he wants to operate:

  • Desires openness, honesty, transparency, and trust
  • Wants faculty input
  • Cast vision

2. What he would like to do:

  • Invite guest speakers who can provide quality, Biblical chapel sermons that are both intelligent and stimulating to help students grow spiritually
  • Attempt to conduct open forums with all groups (i.e., schools, departments, all faculty)
  • Be involved in classroom teaching and continue his own scholarship
  • Enable the faculty to focus more on teaching, research, and mentoring
  • Continue to develop online courses that, at the same time, maintain the quality and integrity of Cedarville’s identity
  • Assist faculty to assess their fit with the doctrinal statement.  If there is not a fit, assist faculty in transitioning without negatively impacting their ministry.
  • Take time to get a sense of who we are before initiating major changes
  • Strengthen ties to the local community and church

The Role of FCP:

  1. Communicate information and vision to our colleagues, creating openness and transparency
  2. Directly communicate issues, problems, and faculty perspectives to the President
  3. Meet twice a semester with the President

Misconceptions Clarified by the President

1. Contribution of women is valued; Joy White will teach a class in the fall.

2. Not becoming an SBC institution 

  • Independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees
  • Encouragement expressed for the direction of CU from GARB individuals

3. Not returning to a “rules-oriented system”

Prayer Requests/Concerns:

  1. For Dr. White:  wisdom and time-management
  2. For the university:  wisdom in dealing with future issues (fiscal, political, social, technological, educational)

One response to “FCP Report to the Faculty: Initial Meeting with Dr. Thomas White

  1. “Take time to get a sense of who we are before initiating major changes”……..How far into his presidency are we? And we’ve seen how many major changes already???


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