Who are we?

Let There Be Light represents an ever-growing number of current students and alumni of Cedarville University as well as large community of folks in a variety of different arenas- the blogging world, academia, evangelicalism, etc.

The editors of this blog are Cedarville University alumni: Amanda Brindley, Jonathan Bundy, and Jessica Robb. Former contributors include current students Zach Schneider and Joshua Steele.

The following individuals would like to include their names as part of the group pursuing the same goals, standing in solidarity with the concerns of Let There Be Light. Keep in mind that there are many, many unmentioned friends here!

Stephanie Angle, 2010

Joel Blunt, 2014

Amanda Brindley, 2012

Trevor Bryant, 2014

Jonathan Bundy, 2012

Sarah Burch, 2012

Chloe (Johnson) Carey, 2013

Jen Castellani, 2002

Amy Chase, 2013

Ariana Cheng, 2015

Ian Devins, 2014

Joseph Dugan, 2007

Caleb Evans, 2015

Elena Fouch, 2014

Kyle Girtz, 2013

Katie Goehring, 2015

Brandon Hellwig, 2012

Tayler Hobba, 2013

Hannah Holmes, 2013

Greg Johnson, 2014

Austin Lynch, 2012

Grant Miller, 2012

David Olsen, 1984

Joshua Patton, 2013

Mike Pelyhes, 2017

Kimberly Prijatel, 2012

Molly Reich, 2014

Matt Rizzo, 2011

Jessica Robb, 2011

Lisa (Wisnoski) Robbins, 1981

Zach Schneider, 2014

Lauren Shaw, 2013

Josiah Sleppy, 2015

Brandon Faulkner Smith, 2013

Kristie (Febo) Smith, 2008

Peter Smith, 2009

Joshua Steele, 2013

Rachel Steele, 2013

Samantha Sumler, 2012

Jaimie Teekell, 2007

Micah Terhune, 2014

Bayer Watson, 2014

Michelle Wilson, 2013

Many faculty and staff members who wish to remain anonymous


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