In Case You Missed It…

This weekend, the Cedarville controversy piqued the interest of regional and national media.

On Saturday, Mark Oppenheimer covered portions of the CU story in The New York Times. (No, we’re not kidding.) You can read the piece here: An Ohio Christian College Struggles to Further Define Itself.

Even by evangelical standards, nearly everyone at Cedarville is theologically conservative. But some conservatives have a greater willingness to hear dissident views. The departures of William Brown, the president, whose resignation is effective June 30, and of Dr. Ruby, who left suddenly last month, are widely viewed as strengthening the hands of the most conservative trustees, fearful of a more open Cedarville.

The Rev. Chris Williamson of Franklin, Tenn., who last month resigned from the Cedarville board of trustees, said that both the president and Dr. Ruby were considered problematic by the faction of trustees fearful of what they perceive as a creeping liberalism. “They were threatened by Carl’s approach not to theology but to ministry,” Mr. Williamson said, “in terms of his ministry to people struggling with gender identification, how he ministers to people on the margins.”

(emphasis added)

On Sunday, Dayton Daily News ran the following piece: Cedarville students, alumni question university’s direction after 2 leadership changes (by Higher Ed reporter Meagan Pant).

Students complain Cedarville’s leadership has not been transparent about the departures, and their campaign for information has drawn attention within the religious community and the national media. Tennessee Pastor Chris Williamson said he resigned from the school’s board of trustees after being “blindsided” by what he called the administration’s “mistreatment” of the vice president for student life, Carl Ruby, a popular 25-year veteran of Cedarville who resigned last month.

The trustees have called a special meeting for Feb. 23 to revisit recent events, Williamson said. He said he is hopeful the 37-member board will work to reinstate Ruby, at which time he would pull his pending resignation.

“Hopefully something good will arise and he can be reinstated,” said Williamson, pastor of the Strong Tower Bible Church in Franklin, Tenn. “I think that would be a great shot in the arm for the university and our reputation.” […]

Ruby’s departure was publicly called a resignation. But Williamson said he learned at a January trustees’ meeting, “it was a termination of employment.”

He added that it was an administrative decision not one by the board. Williamson said the main reason told to him was that Ruby was not following the chain of command.

(emphasis added)

What’s next?

Before the upcoming Trustee meeting on Saturday, Feb 23, we need as many people as possible to contact Dr. Gredy and the Trustees to express concerns and advocate for change.

Use our Contact Information, keep the emails respectful and brief, but by all means, please speak up!

So spread the word! And write those emails!



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