Cedarville students, you are not alone in your concerns! The following quotes are excerpts from a conversation unfolding on the Cedarville University Alumni Association’s FB page. For the full conversation in its context, go HERE.


“There are rumors about Cedarville’s Board of Trustees and the future direction of the University, claiming it’s headed toward fundamentalism and that the most evangelical voices at Cedarville are leaving.”

These rumors were presented in an article in Christianity Today, so surely they merit a response from the University. What is the University’s response to these rumors?

 “Cedarville’s Board is made up of men and women who love Jesus and serve Cedarville University with their time, talent, and resources. Each Trustee annually affirms the doctrinal statement and community lifestyle commitment, as does each faculty and staff member.”

Since the rumors said nothing about the trustees’ love for Christ or affirmation of the doctrinal statement, I do not see how this paragraph is relevant.

“The University is committed to protecting the privacy of its employees so is not commenting publicly on the reasons for the decision.”

So the University is willing to explain why Dr. Ruby left, but Dr. Ruby does not want anyone to know? That does not seem to be the case at all.

“Some have drawn wrong conclusions as a result of misinformation and speculation.”

If this is indeed the problem, it could be quickly and easily remedied with correct information.


as an alum who cares deeply about the university and who also works in the public relations field, Cedarville continues to handle this situation poorly.

The university should host a conference call w all the board present and answer questions from alumni.


It would probably be better, on balance, for Cedarville to avoid public statements altogether rather than to continually publish evasive non-answers.

It’s an embarrassment. This is exactly why CU attracts the attention of Christianity Today and AAUP, among others: it’s not merely disgruntled alumni who smell a rat.

And many of us are still paying our student loan bills, and will continue to do so for a very long time. Every time I submit that monthly payment, I am reminded of my inevitable long-term association with the ‘Ville. I am an inevitable stakeholder, and I demand transparency and candor.

One of the criticisms I’ve heard several times goes along the lines of: “Some colleges are conservative / you shouldn’t judge / just let them be / etc. etc.” Had Cedarville taken a consistent stance in recent years, I could accept that view. Nobody expects, e.g., Pensacola to behave any differently than it does. But Cedarville as an institution has evinced, in recent years, a budding commitment to progress and ideological evolution. There have been dozens of examples–from changes in the student life code, to changes in the professorial makeup, to changes in the way CU engages with outside organizations. And now we have witnessed a series of setbacks, seemingly out of the blue, over an alarmingly brief space of time. As for myself, had I known that CU was destined to fall back into its old habits, I would have dropped out sophomore year. But like so many students and alumni, I saw what I believed were more than mere glimmers of progress: I relied to my detriment, changed my position, and obtained a degree for which I presently feel considerable shame. PR propaganda aside, CU has taken active steps to set back the clock–and at the very minimum, the administration must own up to these changes. They owe it to everyone–especially current students, who have the right to understand their university’s commitments and to determine whether the school deserves their allegiance (and their tuition $).


No institution Iike Cedarville will ever put in print the truth of “disagreeing situations.” Churches do it all the time. When pastors have affairs they say God moved them on for family/ personal reasons. It is all part of the game Christians play.

Too much money involved from major donors and privacy act issues for CU to admit the issues at hand.

I would like to hear what Dr. Dixon has to say about all these troubling issues with CU.

Cedarville taught alumni to think. I am not sure they are liking the independent thinking now…

I didn’t know Ruby retiring was based on issues until after I watched the farewell walk he did with the students clapping. I finished watching it and sat at my desk thinking something is wrong. He looked like it was painful not joyful. Now I better understand why. May God heal these wounds with deep true love.


It’s surprising that they admit that it is the 21st century. Cedarville is becoming a fundy farm. These cover ups about Ruby, Brown and the Philosophy Department aren’t even creative lies. There’s no word at all about why four trustees resigned.


This site does not answer questions. This site gives rhetoric that provides no real answers.

All alumni should be very concerned that one of C U s trustees was let go as the former president of ABWE for his involvement in the cover up of the sexual abuse of mK ‘s and others . This is very disturbing when this type of man represents CU and makes decisions on their behalf .

Yes , he does sit on the board and also makes moral and ethical decisions. Raises alot of questions doesn’t it?? Parents, students and alumni should be very concerned.

Those posts need to remain on this site. The organization that conducted the investigation into the ABWE scandal is headed by Boz Tchividgian , Billy Graham’s grandson . Their website is netgrace.org.

A University that has nothing to hide, hides nothing.

The reason given for removing the posts with links is erroneous . They were most likely removed because they clearly show factual information about certain trustees and CU wants to prevent that information from being read.

This is a desperate tactic used to hush up the truth. People should continue to demand that this situation be addressed. There were many lives negatively affected by this particular trustee’s negligence to report known sexual abuse , which is a federal mandate! All parents and students should be very concerned.


This Q&A is very disappointing. I urge alumni to investigate these issues on their own before accepting these statements at face value.

Before the trustee meetings, Rev. Williamson tweeted the following message:

Chris Williamson (@gdk_chris) 1/15/13, 4:35 PM @KFizzo @cedarville No one person can save CU. We need a miracle from The Lord. A lot of people are wounded. #Keeppraying.

After the trustee meetings, he resigned from the board, and is now no longer going to be the 2013 Commencement Speaker. He plainly resigned in protest.

The Q&A states: “Rev. Williamson came to know Cedarville through the influence of Dr. Brown and Dr. Ruby, and with their decision to step away from Cedarville, he felt now was the right time for him to resign.”

Making this sort of post genuinely pains me, but at some point, even loyal alumni have to publicly declare that this is nonsense. There are dots and they are easily connected. I’ve tried communicating my concerns privately to the Board and Administration. A total breakdown of trust is occurring.

Alumni need to keep communicating to the Board about these issues. I have sent several emails regarding the issues raised in this thread and others, hoping that these matters could be constructively addressed once they were identified, hoping it could be done without another public scandal. The contrast between the decision to force some people out and those who remain is striking.

Wow. I can’t believe this just happened. There were two posts in this thread that linked to an official announcement from ABWE regarding an investigation into Trustee Loftis and another linking to a newspaper article about another trustee scandal. Those posts have been removed, and CU sent a notice to the poster (not me) that the posts were removed because they were inaccurate or defamatory. Since the one link went straight to ABWE’s web page, I think they just accused an international missions agency of defamation. Seriously, how do you decide who to believe: Missions agency coming clean about ignoring a child sex abuse scandal or a Christian College’s claim that the agency is lying in its news release?

See Chris Williamson’s post below.

To all of the students, faculty, parents, and alumni of Cedarville University who shared your concerns with me over the school’s recent and egregious decisions, I want you to know that your voice is being heard. Although I am no longer a board member, please accept my sincerest apologies for how things have been mishandled. I join with you in unjust suffering because yesterday the chairman of the board notified me that I could no longer give the commencement address because of my resignation. Technically, Mr. Scharnberg does not have the authority to deny me this privilege since that responsibility belongs to Dr. William E Brown. As I speak with various media outlets in the days to come about the vacuum of leadership on the board level, please add my cause to your growing list of petitions. Together we can make a difference! with Carl Ruby, Josh Steele, and Zak Weston.

The Q&A’s suggest a troubling willingness by CU’s administration to “spin” facts to the point of being false. This is particularly discouraging when you consider that the boards of most organizations rely on information from their management when voting on issues. At this point, I’m very concerned that the information presented to the entire board of trustees during their recent meetings may have been similarly “spun.” I suspect that after sitting through hours of meetings and being deluged with information over two days, some of them are starting to question what they were told. After reading these Q&A’s, I’d certainly be asking myself that question.

Last night I received an email that essentially threatened litigation if I continued to cite the official ABWE press release as a basis for concern. Although I earlier joked about whether CU and this trustee were accusing ABWE of defamation, it is now no longer a joke. I have the an email that says my conculsions (stated in private correspondence to the administration and board) are based on fasle information, and demands that I not circulate this information (which is available on the agency’s web site). And I was told that I shouldn’t forward the email to anyone.

The communications at issue were my emails to the administration and board warning of the potential PR problems this press release might cause for CU, and urging the school to address the situation.

Copied on the email, which was sent by the trustee at issue, were CU’s counsel, the chairman of the board, and another attorney. I sent a reply, asking certain pointed questions, but I haven’t received a response.

Something is very, very wrong. Such tactics evidence pretty profound desperation. I can only hope this means change is coming.


Yes, wow. I am so proud of today’s young students who have spurred on us old alumni. This is not a witch hunt. This is simply asking the questions: 1.) Why are these men granted leadership positions in the school? and 2.) Am I to believe there are not two other capable people out there with unquestionable, impeccable records who can serve as their replacements? Should we not be holding our institution to the highest standards possible? I remember that was the standard we were taught for which to strive when I was a student there some 20 years ago. Here are my questions for CU: How are Trustees chosen? What is the vetting process? Who does this vetting?


Who wrote this ‘questions and “answers?”‘ They should be ashamed of themselves. They are either as corrupt as Gredy and Cornman, or they are completely naive.

…Beste should have protected the author from writing these lies.


I hope the school didn’t pay anyone money for these silly talking points.



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