Example of a Cedarville NDA

The following is an extract from an actual severance agreement signed by a former employee of Cedarville University, in order to get severance pay/benefits which have been redacted below to preserve anonymity. 


[1.-6. REDACTED]

“7. RELEASE OF CLAIMS. In consideration of the payments and benefits provided to Employee under this Agreement, Employee, on behalf of himself, his heirs, administrators, assigns and agents, fully settles, releases, and forever discharges Employer and its present and former officers, directors, agents, trustees, and employees (in their individual and representative capacities), and all companies affiliated with or related to Employer, from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, costs, attorneys’ fees, damages, actions, and causes of action arising out of or related to his treatment while with Employer.

“8. CONFIDENTIALITY. Employee agrees that this Agreement, and each of its terms and conditions, are and shall remain confidential, and that Employee shall not disclose the existence of this Agreement or any of its terms and conditions to anyone other than members of his immediate family, his legal counsel or his tax advisor, unless required by law to do so.

“9. NON-DISPARAGEMENT. Employee further agrees that he will not make any statements or remarks which are disparaging to Employer and/or its present and former officers, directors, trustees, agents, or employees, and that he will not engage in any act or conduct which is, or could be construed, detrimental to Employer or its interests, business, or reputation.

“10. NON-ADMISSION OF LIABILITY. This Agreement does not constitute an admissions by Employer that it has violated any contract, law or regulation, or in any way infringed Employee’s rights or privileges. Employer expressly denies that it has done anything unlawful or improper.”


One response to “Example of a Cedarville NDA

  1. This is not a gag order. A gag order is an order from a court which threatens contempt sanctions on any person who discloses confidential proceedings.

    This is a liability waiver and non-disclosure agreement.


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