Excellent thoughts from Dr. Tim Gombis, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Faith Improvised

Michael Pahl has some excellent posts on what it means to be evangelical, issuing a call for radical evangelicalism.

He notes some of evangelicalism’s problems, including its tribalizing tendencies and its grasping for cultural power.  One problem to which I’ve given some thought is how it is that many evangelical institutions have unspoken doctrinal lines that are policed every bit as doggedly as those that are explicit.

I’ve been chewing on this over the last few days and I just wonder if it’s the case that evangelicalism goes wrong when it becomes the establishment.

Evangelicalism is more of a spirit or an ethos rather than a body of doctrine or an established church.  It’s a movement that developed within established churches that called for genuine Christian discipleship over against a variety of cultural accommodations and capitulations.

Having broken away from actual denominations to form their own independent institutions, however…

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