Good thoughts from Matthew Hamilton on academic integrity and freedom.

Thoughts in the Dark

Another issue of an academic being relieved of his duties was published in Christianity Today this morning, which will hopefully bring this lack of academic integrity into a broader readership.

What is going on in religious colleges in America? Why are professors, even some tenured, losing their positions over disagreements over non-essential matters (such as this case, which involves an historical Adam and Eve, or even over the treatment of women in the Bible). Inside Higher Ed summed up the situation fairly well, when they said (describing a specific situation concerning Christopher Rollston and Emmanuel Christian Seminary) that he was “scaring off prospective donor.” I think that this is a primary reason for most of these schools to attack professors: they want to continue their revenue stream.

Why else would an institution of higher learning sacrifice academic integrity in exchange for the uncritical acceptance of blanket statements covering…

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