Action Steps – 11/2 – A Call to Prayer

(If you haven’t done so already, go like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and consider adding your name in solidarity with our concerns.)

With that out of the way, I’ll just come out and ask:Would you pray for us? 

When faced with injustice (which we sincerely believe to be the case), it is extremely difficult to hold prophetic passion in tension with sacrificial love.

We are not a community of zealots. We are not out to destroy or defame. We are a group of people who care. We care about Cedarville University, and we care even more about relational (not retributive) justice. Why? For some of us, it’s simply because we want to treat others as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

For most of us, though, there’s a deeper motivation — Jesus the Messiah, our King. See, when faced with injustice, Jesus was able to strike the perfect balance between the prophetic and the self-sacrificial. He never shied away from exposing injustices by naming them as such, and yet he never gave into the temptation to “fight fire with fire,” as it were. His victory over Sin and Death, over every injustice, came through the way of the cross before shining forth through the resurrection.

Here at Fiat Lux, we need your prayer because most of us desire to strike that same balance of prophetic, self-sacrificing love as we address the opaque injustices we’ve observed at Cedarville University.

We believe that there’s a serious lack of transparency at Cedarville. We believe that the white papers attempt to silence necessary discourse, that the theology major was rejected without an adequate explanation, that Michael Pahl was dismissed in an unjust manner for unnecessary reasons. We believe that Dr. Brown’s announced resignation creates a power vacuum that will be filled in a way that either takes Cedarville forward into the broader stream of evangelicalism or backward into fundamentalism.

Yet we also believe that Cedarville University has been used by God to advance his kingdom in the past, and that it will continue to be used for God’s glory in the future. We believe that a better, more transparent Cedarville is both possible and desirable. We believe that the best way to address these injustices around us is to engage, thoughtfully and courageously, the lack of transparency…without resorting to nefarious means in order to accomplish otherwise noble ends.

So please, pray for us, pray for Cedarville University while you’re at it, and if you resonate with what was said above, consider joining our cause.

Grace and Peace,

~Josh Steele, on behalf of Fiat Lux.


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