Action Steps 11/1

Happy November 1st! If you’ve read over the blog and find that you’re in agreement with our position, or if you’ve perused the blog and find that you have questions, please consider these further steps of action.

1. Social media: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

2. Comment on the “Who Are We?” page to add your name in solidarity with Fiat Lux.

3. Comment or tweet at us to ask your questions. Dialogue is important, especially if you’re unsure about the stand we’re taking – please ask questions 🙂

4. Support and encourage Bible professors! They’re not hearing much encouragement right now and they’re living in a fearful environment – let’s scheme ways to bless them:

Affirm them in person by telling them how much you appreciate them!

Send notes/letters/e-mails telling them how much you’ve appreciated them (for CU Alum, especially)

Keep advocating for them.

Pray! For peace among the Bible faculty, for wisdom in the administration, for transparency, for Jesus to remain central in our movement, for individual Bible profs as you are led.

Praying along with you.




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